Use your hands and other body parts with Leap Motion

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Leap Motion hand tracking

We have just released PrimaPlayer 0.7, the world’s first hologram video player where you can bring your own hands and even other body parts & props into the virtual world. Download the new demo version (mirror site) for Windows, see the instructions, and take yourself into the fantasy!

To see your own hands with the hologram, you need Leap Motion and Oculus Rift. Depth of the hands is correctly rendered, so you can put your hands inside and behind the hologram. You can view your other body parts and any objects that reflect near infra-red light by enabling “Leap overlay mode”. You can even change your skin color:

Skin color can be changed

Leap Motion only visualizes your body parts in PrimaPlayer, enabling you to play and act with the holograms. The holograms do not react to your hands. This awesome future technology is not part of our hologram video technology, at least not yet 😉

Your body with the hologram

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