Different types of adult VR media

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Our hologram video player was just featured in an article at VRPorn.com. Their website has conveniently categorized adult VR content, so I use this opportunity to write about different types of adult VR media.


180/360 video

180 and 360 video are the predominant formats at the moment, and will continue to be so in the near future. Video players for such content are available for even the cheapest mobile VR headsets. On the downside 180/360 video locks the viewpoint in one location, and the viewer is only able to turn their head. Critics of the technology say that 180/360 video is not really VR.

Pros: Works on many VR headsets, easy to film

Cons: No interaction, locked viewpoint, restricting for actors


Interactive 3D games

Another popular subset of adult VR media are interactive 3D games, which feature 3D models created by digital artists. A few Japanese companies have created such games for many years. A nice example of an interactive 3D game is the (non-Japanese) Fallen Doll, which added VR support in version 1.09. VR games can be highly interactive without suffering from the “uncanny valley” effect, if the artists responsible for the 3D models and animations are talented.

Pros: Versatile interaction, unrestricted point of view

Cons: Acquired taste (not everyone likes artificial humans), complicated content production


Static holograms

VR content by VRGirlz relies on static 3D scans of real humans, a lot of manual touch-up, artificial animation (eye movement, chest expansion on breathing, etc), and a limited amount of interaction with the 3D model. (Update: In May 2017 VRGirlz released short hologram video demos). If they wanted, VRGirlz could also apply motion captured animation on their 3D models. A company called Holodexxx attempted this, but that is very difficult to do without entering the uncanny valley.

Pros: High resolution, unrestricted point of view

Cons: No video, limited interaction, complicated content production


Hologram videos (aka volumetric videos aka free viewpoint videos)

At the moment there are no other hologram video players or filming techniques for adult content besides ours, and we emerged from stealth mode already two years ago! Microsoft and some bigger startups like 8i have the necessary technology, but they use very complicated and expensive camera systems for their hologram video capture. It is uncertain whether they would ever allow their technology to be used in adult context.

Pros: Hologram video, unrestricted point of view

Cons: Low resolution, limited interaction

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